Moss Control
Moss Control

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Got algae, lichen or moss problems with your roof? Haven't cleaned your roof in some time?

Imagine what would happen to your brand new car if it was left out in the weather for 10 years and never washed. The paint would be dirty, faded and possibly oxidised or even rusty.

Whether it is an old concrete tile roof or a new Colorsteel roof, they do need cleaning.

Most new and recoat roof coating warranties do not cover damage caused from the growth of organic matter such as Lichen, Moss or Algae. All roofs need to kept free of Moss, Lichen, Algae.

  • Lichen grows a root structure, which eats into the surface coating of the roof.
  • Moss by its nature is acidic and holds moisture like a sponge.
  • Algae also holds moisture
  • These all are unsightly and the damage they cause can be costly to repair.
The spores that develop into these growths are airborne and affect some locations more dramatically than others. Areas like these will require a more regular program of maintenance to control them.

Concrete and Clay tiles have "water channels" to get water off of the roof. The weight of the tiles holds each tile in place. Should the water channels become blocked with lichen, moss or other organic matter it can cause a damming effect and possibly create leaks.