Health and safety is very important to Roofing Renovations, that’s why we are working with Safewise ltd, Health and safety consultants, to put steps in place to keep our workers and anyone influenced by the work safe!

Roofing renovations will check your site for hazards and risks upon quoting and again on arrival. We will keep the site clean and free of clutter, because not only is this tidy but it creates a safer site.

By checking the site prior to the work commencing we are able to ensure we have the right equipment to carry out the job including scaffolding, fall protection or elevated work platforms.

We believe in regular communication and keeping offers informed that why will also be available to go through hazards and risks with homeowners who are on site , other contractors and anyone else on site of what steps need to be taken to keep safe.

Roofing renovations has a robust accident management, emergency management and hazard management systems and we expect our contractors to have the same!

All our staff are trained and authorised to carry out the work they are assigned to do because at Roofing Renovations we believe in getting you home healthy and safe, every day

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