There comes a time in the life of any roof, when it needs re-painting. If you think of the old timber joinery in Granny's house, if the paint was kept in good condition with maintenance sceduled every 5 or so years, then it's likely that the timber itself lasted well. And yet, look at the "do-up" you bought a few years ago, paint peeling of the windows, water stains on the timber, window frames coming apart, you quickly see the benefit of keeping on top of this.

Your roof is no different. The best rule to apply to any coated surface is to "paint it before it needs it". This is especially true of any Factory Coated product.

Like any product you purchase, two key factors require verification.

  1. Does the product perform in the conditions it will be used in? and...
  2. If it where to fail, who is there to provide the back-up, "The Warranty"?
    Like all products we offer, the questions we ask are exactly the same. For this reason we only use high quality products from reputible suppliers.